Welcome to Outdoor Performance Coaching.

Why use me?

Passionate about kayaking, canoeing, climbing, and mountaineering, with over 20years of personal experience in these fields and over 15 years of teaching/ instructing and coaching. I offer fun, insightfull developmental courses that will improve your current skills, knowledge and ability so that you can venture in new or harder environments. Clients feedback includes being 'More confidently' 'being safer' and 'more knowledgable'. Based in the South west I offer courses locally and Nationally.

Coaching, not mentoring or instructing is at the core of my delivery. Coaching allows you to pick your focus and develops the feedforward and support specifically to your needs. Through low client /instructor ratios, you will have access to huge amount of one to one coaching  to help you progress and prices are highly competitive and value for money.

OPC Course goals are simple:

  • To encourage your passion, awe and wonder for these environments.
  • To improve your skills.
  • To increase your awareness & safety responses.
  • To provide great value for money
  • & Above all...to have FUN!

All course outlined will be tailor to your requirements.