All clients are asked to completed feedback for at the end of the course and are encouraged to write on the facebook wall. Please feel free to visit the facebook page and read through the comments and activities that have been undertaken. Below are several of the clients testimonials.

Stuart Luckman:

"I spent a day climbing and kayaking with Outdoor Performance Coaching, Mark's ability to encourage me to challenge myself ensured that I got the most out of the experience, learnt a lot and had great fun doing it. He clearly has a passion for his pursuits which is truly infectious."

- Group On Taster sessions (Climbing & Kayaking)


Caroline Mayes: 

"Thaine's BCU Level 1 certificate came through today!  He is very keen to keep going and enjoyed the day enormously."


Thaine Mayes:

"Good pre-day instructions. An excellent day activity. Full instructions given on the activities. Clear and concise. Listened to what I had done and tailored the day accordingly. Did everything at my speed which was great. Exceptional value for money. I achieved more than I thought I would within the time. Will definitely return to continue with this sport, and doing some paddling at home. BCU Level 1 was a fab bonus. Loved the white water –want to do some more. One Star assessment and white water coaching."

River Wye (Symonds Yat).


Abi Croshaw: 

"I have been fortunate to receive coaching from Mark (Outdoor Performance Coaching) in a couple of different environments. One was on the River Dee Horseshoe Falls to Town Falls. I was already a novice kayaker who had done a bit of Grade 2 paddling so we looked at furthering my white water knowledge. Mark was quick to recognise key areas I was struggling with and was more than willing and patient to talk me though the mistakes and explain what I was doing wrong. This resulted in me having a lot more confidence with breaking in/out and ferry gliding. I had an excellent day out in a relaxed but professional atmosphere."

White water coaching course- River Dee (North Wales).


Mark Axtell-Powel: "An enjoyable evening learning the basics and trying canoes. Mark is informative without being bossy." Canoe Taster Session- River Avon (Pershore).


Frances Poynder:

"Really patient and very informative. Absolutly loved it. Didn't realise there was so much to the course."

Kayak Taster session, River Severn (Lower Load- Tewkesbury).


Alison Poole:

"Super approach to Simon. Very encouraging, patient and proffessional. felt very secure as a parent and he related well to all of us. Smashing humour and pasitive approach. throughly enjoyed our day as both participant and spectators. Definatly booking more." 

- One day Two star assessment and white water experience. River Wye, Symonds Yat.


Robert Pearson: 

"Good coaching tips, even though on assessment Mark still took time to teach extra learning points".

BCU 1,2 & 3 star training & assessments.