Climbing courses are designed and tailored to your needs, increasing your ability to perform dynamically in different rock environments. Climbing courses draw from my experience to develop a range of skills including rope work, climbing techniques, overcoming difficulties or simply to introduce you to indoor or outdoor climbing. Flexibility allows the clients’ needs to shape the course and with small client to instructor ratios you benefit from more feedback.

Courses can be arranged for one-to-one sessions or small groups. Focuses can include personal skills, taster sessions, family sessions, rusty sessions, beginner courses, techniques and movement on rock, personal coaching or day trips to areas.

Climbing Taster Sessions

This is designed as a quick  "have-a-go" session designed to introduce you to the fun of climbing without committing to a full course Outdoors or IndoorsThe outdoor course is 3 hours long because of the additional setup and walk in/out from the crag/ cliff. Clients will meet me on sight. Whilst the indoor course lasts for 2 hour during which you will have the chance to try some climbing, start to learn to belay and finish up bouldering (unroped climbing) for as long as you choose.  The indoor course excludes your entry fee to the wall.


  • Reference code: (CTSI)- Indoors
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Requirement: No experience necessary
  • Max ratio: 1:6
  • Venues: Climbing Centre.
  • Cost:- 1 person = £35, 2 people= £55, 3 people = £67, 4 people = £80.


  • Reference code: (CTSO)- Outdoors
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Requirement: No experience necessary
  • Max ratio: 1:6
  • Venues: Cleeve Hill, Plump Hill or other venues in the Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire).
  • Cost:- 1 person =£90, 2 people =£120, 3 people = £140, 4 people = £160.
Climbing taster session prices indoors.

Family & Friends Climbing Session

This course is for the whole family or family and friends. You will experience the thrills  and fun of climbing for 2.5 to 3 hours. You can have up to a maximum of eight people aged 8 and above, although all children must be accompanied by their legal guardian/ parent. Times can be arranged to suit you and be arranged for either indoor or outdoor venues.

Please specifiy if you want indoor or outdoor climbing upon booking.  Course need a minimum of 5 people to run.


  • Course code: (F/FGCI)- Indoor
  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Required: No experience necessary
  • Max ratio: 1:8
  • Excludes climball wall entry costs.
  • Venues: Gloucester Climbing Centre.
  • 5 = £120, 6= £135, 7=£150, 8=£160 
  • Minimum group size = 5
  • Course code: (F/FGCO)- Outdoor
  • Duration: 2.5-3 hours
  • Required: No experience necessary
  • Max ratio: 1:8
  • Venues: Local natural craigs/ venues in the forest of Dean.
  • Cost: Adults = £30, Under 16 = £20
  • Minimum group size = 5

Family & Friends indoor prices.
Family & Friends Outdoor climbing prices.
Number of Adults
Number of Children

Beginner Courses

If you tried a taster session and have decided that climbing is for you then a beginners’ course is the perfect introduction to the skills and techniques you will need to get you started. This course is designed for those with no previous climbing experience and will equip you with the knowledge and skills to become a competent top-rope climber. You will be able to climbing safely, belay your climbing partner and receive advice on equipment and basic techniques. This is a 5 hour practical course which will be either run over 2 week session or 1 whole day ensure skills become embedded. A maximum instructor-student ratio of 1:4 ensures you will receive excellent tuition.


  • Reference Code: (BCI2S)- 2 sessions.
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Requirements: No experience necessary
  • Venue: Indoor climbing wall only.
  • Ratio max 1:4.
  • Cost: £75 Per person (including entry fee).
  • Reference  Code: (BC1D)- 1 day course
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Requirements: No experience necessary
  • Venue: Indoor climbing wall or Outdoor crags in Gloucestershire.
  • Ratio max 1:4.
  • Cost: £90 per person. £140 for 2 climbers, £200 for 3 climbers, £260 for 4 climbers.
Beginer Indoor climbing prices.

Rusty Refresher

If you are getting back into climbing and need a bit of a refresher then this session will get you back on track to be an independent climber.

This session is only for those who have previous climbing experience and is not suitable for beginners who should refer to the beginners course.  This course can be run as either a 1-2 hour indoor wall session or a 3 hour outdoor session. All coaching will focus on areas you identify as being rusty or needing to be refreshed, plus topping up new theories. This is a great opportunity for 1 on 1 tuition or very small groups with a maximum of 3.


  • Code: (ORR3)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Requirements:- Some previous climbing experience
  • Venues: Outdoor craigs.
  • Cost: £52 per person.


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Requirements:- Some previous climbing experience
  • Venues: Indoor climbing wall.
  • Cost: £37 (Excluding entry fee) per person.
  • Code: (IRR1)
  • Duration: 1 hours
  • Requirements:- Some previous climbing experience
  • Venues: Indoor climbing wall.
  • Cost: £22 (Excluding entry fee) per person.
Rusty refresher 1 hour prices.
Indoor rusty refresher 2 hours prices.
Outdoor rusty refresher 3 hour prices.

Personal Coaching

This course will be designed and tailored to your personal needs and can either be run on a individual or paired tuition. This allows maximal feedback and improvement. Whilst under tuition you will be coached on various elements including; advanced climbing techniques, movement, flexibility, mental preparation, training programmes, confidence building, indoor lead climbing, how to second outdoor routes, setting up top ropes for personal climbing and removing placed protective gear.


  • Course code: (PCC)
  • Duration: Defined by you- Minimum of 2.5/3 hours.
  • Requirements: Competent top-rope climber
  • Venue:Gloucester climbing wall & crags in Gloucestershire. 
  • Maximum ratio = 1:3.
  • Cost: 1 person = £90, and £20 per hour there after.  2 people = £140 and £15 p/h there after. 3 people = £180 plus £10 p/h there after.
Personal climbing coaching prices.
Extra time


Whether you want to simply have a go with friends, family or colleagues or undertake this as part of a fund-raising abseil event, I can run abseiling sessions at various locations in The Forest of Dean (Gloucestershire) Devon or Bristol (Avon) area.

If you have a venue that you would like to use for the fund raise, a prior inspection visit and assessment of the risks/ feasibility can be provided at an additional inspection cost. 

For your event or abseil experience I will provide all the instruction and equipment needed for your abseil on the day, persuading even nervous abseilers to have a try.


  • Course code: (AB)
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Requirements: No experience necessary.
  • Venue: Outdoor crags.
  • Cost: 1= £95, 2 people = £110, 3 people = 125, 4 people = 140, 5 = £150. Then £30 per adult thereafter, or £20 per under 16. (max of 8)


25 Mile Inspection Visit

  • Special Inspection Visit to investigate if a sponsored abseil from your own chosen location is viable. Only available upon request within a 25 mile radius.

(Price= £50, increased charges will be applied beyond this radius).

Abseiling prices.