White water Kayaking- improvement days.

Paddling courses outlined below are still taylored to focus upon your individual needs and increasing your ability to perform in  dynamic river environments. Paddling is challenging, multi dimensional and requires you to master a repertoire of skills and craft whilst being able to react to changing situations. The courses on offer utilise and draw from expertise to develop your skills and awareness.

White Water improvement days (Core Skills coaching).

This course is for Grade II/III paddlers who want to build confidence and knowledge on moving water 

Course Content:

  • Identifying white water features and understanding how they can be used.
  • Practice reading dynamic water.
  • Break down river running and visualization techniques by focusing on boat movement and utilizing flows.
  • Develop your white water safety and rescue skills.
  • Setting of achievable aims and a personal paddling plan. 

Course Details/ overview; 

  • Reference code: (KWWCS)
  • Duration: 4-5 hours
  • Requirement: experienced paddlers who can paddle for 3 – 4 hours on Class II/II+, who either hold a 3 star award or wish to gain the experience needed to take 3 Star assessment. Must also have kayak, paddles and personal clothing and helmet.
  • Max ratio: 1:4
  • Venues: Various- Weather and client dependent.
  • Prices start from £58 per person (based on 4 people).


The course aim is to make the trip both successful and enjoyable throughout. Instructor client ratios will be a maximum of 4 paddlers on each trip, although one to one or smaller groups can be arranged.


  • This course is suitable for experienced paddlers who are able to paddle for 4 hours in a day on Class II/II+ and who hold a 3 star award or wish to gain the experience needed to take 3 Star assessment. Clients should therefore expect to be in a river environment for extended periods of time and should be suitably prepared.